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December 6, 2022

Kawa Sawa Coffee Logo Design Identity

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    Logo Identity, Brand Strategy

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    Logo Design

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    Kawa Sawa Coffee Design


A logo design crafted with care for a premium coffee brand.

Kawa Sawa Coffee is a coffee company based in Burundi. Though having its roots in Burundi, Kawa Sawa Coffee distributes their coffee in the East African region in countries of Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania as well as Burundi. It is said that coffee is the second most sought-after drink in the world – right after water. This is simply because coffee tastes simply phenomenal. Kawa Sawa Coffee needed a logo design identity that resonates with the mild, strong and classic aroma and taste of premium coffee that comes from the rich coffee regions of Burundi.

We decided to base the creation of the logo on the process coffee goes through from the point of the coffee berry being picked from the farm, to the coffee bean being dried and roasted. We also used the initials of the business name and incorporated it within the coffee bean design to form the logo mark. On the typography we decided to pair the logo mark with a typeface that is elegant yet still has an African feel to it.

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