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Editorial Design
September 4, 2018

Samuell Hall Remittance Training Manual Design

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, Editorial Placement

  • Design

    Editorial Design, Publication Design

  • Client

    Samuel Hall


Design a remittance training manual.

Remittance is the household income sent or given by individuals who have migrated to a new economy and have become residents of those economies. Remittances therefore include both cash and non-cash items that are sent/received through formal or informal channels. Essentially, it can include sending of money, donation or a gift either through official or unofficial means. On this project we were tasked by Samuel Hall, a social enterprise that conducts research in countries affected by issues of migration and displacement to design the look, feel and layout of the training manual which would be used to educate migrants on terms of remittance, statistics and which channels to use to send, receive and use different forms of remittances.

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