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January 12, 2022

Fistula Diaries Book Cover Design

  • Strategy

    Product Placement

  • Design

    Publication Design, Editorial, Design, Illustration Design

  • Client

    Fistula Diaries


Create a book cover design in line with the experiences of women who are facing and have overcome fistula.

Fistula Diaries presents the lived experiences of women living with fistula before and after-surgery. It is written in narrative form and intended for every person with a heart to love and be loved. Authors present captivating stories of women who journeyed with fistula in their private and public lives. Health Care Providers have also spoken about their experiences working in this unique field. Niko Creative was contracted to create a book cover design that embodies the experiences women have gone through with fistula and how they were able to overcome their challenges. We decided to do illustration designs of different women across a different age spectrum to show that the condition does not discriminate age. We also added a touch of letters floating around to represent the different stories with regards to fistula. In an effort to keep the health workforce motivated, the book provides general but practical advice on how to care for women as soon as fistula develops.

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