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Niko Creative Kenya awarded Most Innovative Creative Design Agency – Nairobi

Foremost, we would like to thank Acquisition International for selecting Niko Creative Kenya as the ‘Most Innovative Creative Design Agency – Nairobi’ and honouring us with this award. We would like to thank the customers too, who believed in us and motivated us to work harder to give them the best design services in our capacity.

Being awarded the Most Innovative Creative Design Agency – Nairobi means a great deal to us because it reflects the noteworthy creative design work we produce for our clients. Engaging with our clients and stakeholders consistently, allows us to gain constructive feedback to better accommodate everyone and also inculcate a best practice culture to deliver top-notch creative design work. We also maintain this openness so as to improve on our shortfalls. This has motivated us to do better for them and resulting in us receiving this award. Niko Creative Kenya has not only worked upon enhancing the creative design services we offer, but also worked upon making the design experience a cut above the rest for our clients.

We would also want to recognize and thank everyone who have advocated for us and for their continuous support and also all the internal and external stakeholders who have been directly or indirectly involved in the performance of the business.

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