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30 Day Logo Challenge

For a while I’ve been wanting to take up the 30 day logo challenge and see how best I can handle the task of coming up with a new logo each day for a month. The main objectives of taking up this task was to see how far I can push my creativity, work under a tight deadline and also better my logo design skills. I have to admit that it was indeed a “Challenge” coming up with an entirely new logo concept each day but it proved to be a fun and worthy project. Before I started off, for the 1st 7 days I decided to look for existing companies within Kenya to do my own version of their logos and the other logos would be purely for fictional companies, organizations and individuals. Some of the design concepts took me well over 5 hours pondering on ideas as others took as short as 45 minutes to conceptualize.

Below are the 30 logos I designed of which some I hold more dear than others but all said and done I love all the logos I designed for this challenge.

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