Rimor Travel & Parties Logo Identity

Rimor travel & parties is an travel and event business that caters to organizes and hosts top class events as well as offering travel packages to some of the most beautiful destinations in Africa. On this project the client wanted a logo and brand identity that would really capture what the business is about and have a very African feel to it as to best bring out that Africa has so much to offer when it comes to travel destinations and party scenes.

Photo Credit: Freepik

Safari Biscuits

For this project the client wanted a brand and a package design to be created for a biscuit product line which would be launched to the market. After going through various drafts and designs we settled on this one.

Start Up Germany

For this project I was given the responsibility to come up with a design to create awareness for The Start Up Germany initiative. It basically covers 46 startups from 4 continents and 16 different countries in the fields of Internet of Things/ Industry 4.0, Logistics/ mobility and Energy converged for a 7-day exciting journey through the most exciting startup hotspots in Germany.

2nd German-African Business Summit 2017

Once again I had the opportunity to work with the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Kenya on some of the materials that were to be used for the 2nd German- African Business Summit 2017 that was being held in Nairobi.I was able to come up with 3 dynamic design concepts on which one of them was further revised so as to come up with a satisfactory design.

The Family Business Magazine

The family business magazine is a bi-monthly magazine that focuses on family-owned businesses. I decided to a simple yet premium design which could appeal to readers and also other consumers who would be interested with regards to family run and owned businesses.

Gikera & Vadgama Advocates

For this project, I was suppose to come up with an ad for a Gikera & Vadgama Advocates Law Firm that was suppose to run on a magazine. Despite the limited time frame for the project I was able to embody what the firm represented and how they wanted the ad to appear. I came up with two different concepts that they both loved which I added some creative touch of my own and still keeping to the client’s requirements.

24/7 Energy Drink Design

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