Black Skater Chick

This was by far one of the best yet most challenging projects I’ve ever undertaken by far. The client who is a female skateboarder from Brooklyn, USA contacted me to create a logo for her, do her social media branding and also develop her blog/ website. The theme for the project had to have an Afro punk feel and most importantly be one of a kind. I gave it my all and to be honest after a few revisions here and there the client was more than satisfied with the work done.

Start Up Germany

For this project I was given the responsibility to come up with a design to create awareness for The Start Up Germany initiative. It basically covers 46 startups from 4 continents and 16 different countries in the fields of Internet of Things/ Industry 4.0, Logistics/ mobility and Energy converged for a 7-day exciting journey through the most exciting startup hotspots in Germany.

Blume Africa

Blume Africa is a human resource and finance consulting company which approached me to do an entire re-design of their previous website. Part of the project was also to compile some of the images that would be used on the site and also make sure the elements on the site adhere to the company’s color scheme. The website also had to be integrated with a form module where aspiring job seekers can apply for various job positions online.

Sno Legal

For this logo the client wanted a logo to be part type and an element of a Maasai beaded necklace or ear ring to represent the letter ‘O’. After a vast and extensive research on different Maasai bead works and which colors are mostly used I was able to come up with something that exceeded the client’s expectations.

2nd German-African Business Summit 2017

Once again I had the opportunity to work with the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Kenya on some of the materials that were to be used for the 2nd German- African Business Summit 2017 that was being held in Nairobi.I was able to come up with 3 dynamic design concepts on which one of them was further revised so as to come up with a satisfactory design.

BottyTrekks Enterprises

BottyTrekks Enterprises is an online travel and leisure marketing business. It mostly deals with marketing various travel and leisure destinations in Kenya and in the East African region as well as give information on various cuisines, whether restaurants or traditional food in that region. The client wanted a logo to be designed with the logo representing the travelling part of the business as well as the food/ cuisine bit. I decided to use a typefont for the logo but changing various aspects of the font such as the ‘O’ being a donut representing the food aspect of the business, the ‘T’ being represented with a baobab tree with birds flying around it and the letter ‘K’ being shoe prints so as to show represent the travelling bit of the business.

The Family Business Magazine

The family business magazine is a bi-monthly magazine that focuses on family-owned businesses. I decided to a simple yet premium design which could appeal to readers and also other consumers who would be interested with regards to family run and owned businesses.

Tsunami Quantum Investment

Tsunami Quantum Investment is an investment company that provides investment services and management as well as wealth management that help organizations and individuals to succeed. We deliver services to a broad range of clients seeking access to capital markets. The client wanted a brand presence that would make the company be one of a kind in the investment. I was able to do this by designing both the logo, brand identity and the website for the client which went over the expectations of the client.

Skylim Consultancy

For this project the client wanted a simple yet intriguing logo for the organization together with some business card concepts to be designed.

NSSF Staff Pension Scheme

The National Social Security Fund Staff Pension Scheme were looking to re-brand their logo. I did research on basically pension scheme branding and came up with a few concepts for the project.