Viva Global Catalogue 2019/ 2020

Viva Global is a dynamic company dealing in the importation and distribution of beverages in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and the rest of the East African region. It has been established for over 18 years and has officially represent some of the largest and most globally known beverage brands. I had the honor and privileged to work with the company on their 2019/ 2020 catalogue. They wanted the catalogue to have a clean yet modern and luxury feel to it to best showcase the brands they have been representing as well as the new brand partners they have partnered with.

Third Culture Logo Identity and Packaging Design

Third Culture is a cosmetic brand that provides customers with natural hair and skin care products. The products are derived from natural sources i.e cold pressed oils, herbs and butter. The client really wanted the logo to identify and represent the natural extracts that are in the product, the customers of different hair and skin type variations as well as have luxurious and unique look to the brand.

Akili Dada Annual Report 2018

Akili Dada is a non profit organisation registered in Kenya and an international award-winning leadership incubator nurturing a generation of girls and young women from underprivileged backgrounds whose commitment to the underserved will transform their communities. I had the opportunity and honor to work with the organization on the design layout, illustrations and pattern artwork to be used on their annual report.

They wanted the appearance of the report to look really different from how a traditional report layout looks like and most importantly be very pleasant to the eye of whoever was to read it from cover to cover.

Joy Stacy

On this project I had the pleasure to work with a young blogger from Kenya who goes by the name Joy Stacy. She wanted a blog design that was clean in the way the layout would be but also be appealing to the reader and also be attractive in the way the content within the website has been presented.

Opticom Kenya Website Design

Opticom Kenya is a wholly owned subsidiary of Optimum Security Group incorporated in the United Kingdom. For 8 years, Opticom has been a pace-setter in providing security solution systems in the region. With the great milestone the organization has achieved since its inception, they required a website that would be able to speak for the organization and what their core services are as well as have a solid web presence online.

Upon commencing on the project, as with all my clients, I sat down with the client to see how best to design for them a website that would address majority of issues they had raised when it came to creating a solid brand that would be echoed via the website and also a look and feel that would appeal to their current customer base and attract more potential clients.

Rimor Travel & Parties Logo Identity

Rimor travel & parties is an travel and event business that caters to organizes and hosts top class events as well as offering travel packages to some of the most beautiful destinations in Africa. On this project the client wanted a logo and brand identity that would really capture what the business is about and have a very African feel to it as to best bring out that Africa has so much to offer when it comes to travel destinations and party scenes.

Photo Credit: Freepik

ARC International Somalia Magazine

The American Refugee Committee (Somalia) is a branch of the American Refugee Committee (ARC International) based in Somalia whose mandate is to provide assistance in rebuilding health, water, protection, shelter, and economic systems in Somalia. We worked on a magazine that was suppose to raise awareness on the various projects that ARC International are working on in Somalia to help different communities.

Increasing Awareness and Education on Remittance Training Manual

Remittance is the household income sent or given by individuals who have migrated to a new economy and have become residents of those economies. Remittances therefore include both cash and non-cash items that are sent/received through formal or informal channels. Essentially, it can include sending of money, donation or a gift either through official or unofficial means. On this project I was tasked by Samuel Hall is a social enterprise that conducts research in countries affected by issues of migration and displacement to design the look,feel and layout of the training manual which would be used to educate migrants on terms of remittance, statistics and which channels to use to send, receive and use different forms of remittances.

Strength to Strength Business Support Services

S2S is a management consultancy firm which offers custom made services to SMEs at every stage of their development to help them prosper.

The client needed a re-design of their logo which they wanted to be revamped so as to reflect the what the organization does. For this project I decided to use a typography style to the logo and a negative space element to the logo design without drifting to what the client had in mind.

Maf Afrique International

MafAfrique is an Africa focused strategy advisory group based in Romania and has it’s operations also located in Kenya. MafAfrique contracted me to design for them a website that would be able to reflect and represent what the organization does and also where they aspire to be in the near future. I had brainstormed through various designs and was able to deliver a modern, corporate and responsive website for MafAfrique.